I just got an R3A.

The damn thing is VERY easy to use. They have improved on the old R2 a LOT.

First off, you can get it with a 1:1 viewfinder. Great of glasses wearers and you can even shoot with both eyes OPEN (no more squinty eye). It is also freakin' BRIGHT. The only down side is the 35mm frame lines have been replaced by 40mm. So if you need a 35mm lens, go with R2A the .7 of the same camera.

Now, the 3A is a bit more automated than the old R2. It actually NEEDS two SR44 batteries to work, as it has an electronic shutter. The R2 could work sans any batteries.

Then again, unless you are adverse to carrying around an extra 1.5 ounces in batteries just in case, no biggy.

The 3A is a bit quieter on the shutter front. And the shutters are QUIET. Not M3 quiet, but definately quieter than say an N80 or...well...any SLR.

The handling is just...well....PERFECT.


The exposure lock is in the PERFECT place. The heft and feel are just great. Better than many SLRs. Winding is easy and fast. The body is solid, and semes much improved on the R2. The shutter speed dial is easy to use and has a nice little lock feature that keeps you in or out of aperture priority mode. Plus it has a nice 4 stop exposure compensation guide built into the dial so you can under and over REALLY easily.

And it has aperture priority mode. Which, in my opinion, is pretty much the ONLY automation you should use (unless you are in sports photography or some such thing). Since 99% of the pictures I take are more aperture dependant, this is a really nice feature.

The LEDs in the finder are also well done and easy to use. Plus, it is a nice way to know if you left the damn lens cap on. The bugaboo of RF cameras.

Lenswise, you can get some nice Voigtlander glass from Steve Gandy at Camera Quest (great customer service and prices) at excellent prices. Sure, it ain't legendary Leica glass, but it is still great. I have the Nocton 50mm 1.5 and it is a sweet lens. Even has half stops! So you could get a body and a lens for under $1,000. All new.

And of course you can take most Leica glass. Yes, there are some that you can't use. But IIR they are just a handful. And you can ask Steve Gandy what works and what doesn't. I used to have a list somewhere. It was VERY short.