You may be happy with later Rolleicords or earlier Rolleiflex. They are rather very good in terms of performance.

Example: Rolleicord Vb with removable hood. I personally prefer Rolleicord V with focus knob and winder on right-hand side.

Average CLA cost you around Euro 250, which I personally recommend. If you need good focusing screen put an another Euro 200 to it. With that you will have a very good camera for a decade or two.

The later Rolleicords and earlier Rolleiflex may have Bayonet I, the accessories for it are cheaper compare to other Bayonet.

You may need,

- Lens shade:
- Filters: Yellow and Green.
- Closeup filter: Rolleinar I and II
- Tripod: Rolleifix

Good luck. I was watching a Rolleicord Vb went for around Euro 120 in :-)