No, Bob, frustration at not being able to get close enough to some subjects.

David G., it depends on the insects. The cameras, alas, are aged and long past sex. I've talked dirty to them, shown them camera pornography, and they just won't do anything. Nothing arouses them anymore.

Mongo, its fairly easy to use. Setting up takes a couple of minutes and some fiddling to get the lens to its infinity position. How does it shoot? Fair question, we'll know when the first films come back from the lab. I have high hopes, as usual, could be badly mistaken, also as usual.

Tom, I have a 600 Apo Ronar that weighs 8 pounds. Wanna trade? I've designed additional bracketry for mounting the Apo Ronar, am convinced that on my setup it it will cover nominal 6x6 at best. The nicest thing about the additional bracketry is that I can fabricate it myself. Had to farm out fabrication of the current set of brackets and especially the coupler that goes between the cameras.

Armin, I like your Sinar system too, just as I like Tom's Wehman. But given that I have the two Graphics and not much desire to go up in format, I think my approach to using longer lenses has some merit. Less capable, certainly, but also less expensive.