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Gigabit, our Copex Rapid and the Bluefire are all Copex microfilms.
But not, I think, the same. Foy, if I recall correctly, sourced the film for his "Bluefire" from Tura (as Turapan microfilm) since Agfa did not want to sell to him in the small volumes he wanted. Ludwig and Schain/8x11film.com source their film from Agfa-Gevaert from fresh stocks of Copex-Rapid-AHU, Ludwig (Gigabit) has them "enhanced" with frame numbers and packaged in Southern Europe. Schain's packaging is done in Germany (as a hint, his current space is rented from Tura). Tura, I've heard, has a large stockpile of the older (long out of production) Copex emulusion and its very cheap--- but who knows for how long as Tura has filed for protection from their creditors. I have some of what I think is the same emulusion and its, for the application, not as good. For high contrast, however, its got an even higher resolution(!).

We used to carry Gigabit but dropped it because we could sell Copex and Spur developer cheaper than the Gigabit kit.
How about 'cause the Gigabit kit did not work as well as Nanospeed. Gigabit had some quality problems, the developer turns bad very quickly and getting good results can be tricky--- why there was a lot of disappointment with the product. The Nanospeed developer, by contrast (one needs to recall that Schain and Ludwig were partners on the original Gigabit), has addressed many of these shortcommings and has a significantly larger tolerance to processing.

For 99 percent of the shooting anyone is going to do and with the cost of the microfilms I would agree that a film like Efke 25 is the better choice.
A better choice for what? If its about making absurdly large enlargements using miniature (24x36mm and smaller) gauge films then there is nothing close to these microfilms. If its about fine grain and sharpeness then even TMAX-100 blasts the Efke-25 out of the water. The Efke-25 is NOT Agfapan-25. Agfapan-25 was dropped since (and I did like it and continue to use it in my MINOX) its obsolete. Microfilms perform better, T-grain films like TMax, Delta-100, Acros-100 are finer grained and offer many times the speed etc.