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In the original discussion, he did not mention how many pieces he needed shot, but I knew it was a significant quantity. I never quoted 6 hours - in fact, I quoted 2 days. He rented a space that is appropriate for the look he wants for the background. The space was available for 6 hours, and that is all he can afford to pay rent for. All of which he informed me of AFTER the fact.
This seems to suggest why he wanted to use two of you. But, it sounds like you'll be doing a wedding for bridezilla, and you'll take the heat if things don't go well for the other (less experienced) photographer. $1500 is attractive, but undertaking a job with so many 'if's may not be worth it. . I also think it is for you to determine and insist on the conditions that the job requires, and not the person hiring you. I'd walk away with a professional explanation and no rancor