in a recent thread an OP asked questions about building a portfolio.

some posters gave advice, some was old, some was new
... maybe this thread could be
a how to make a good portfolio stucky thread ?

no more than 10 images, some say 15 others say 20 ?

some say the images should all be one large series, like a photo essay,
others say it should just have your best work, nothing really in common because
it IS a series of your best work ... but no art.

if you were going to make a portfolio to go to art school, technical photography college, whatever (or even a job portfolio )

what would you include and how would you present it?

is genre work, not a generalist portfolio OK or a faux pas ?

i know there are people who teach art here on apug, what sort of advice do you have for someone putting together a post graduate ( college level or beyond )
portfolio of their work ?

and how should it be presented
website? self published book? pressbook? matted/drymounted/overmat in a clamshell portfolio box ?

or something totally unique?