Thanks, fellows!

I got the strap and things were much simpler than I thought. I will post some pictures soon. I just hadn't thought it through and, from what I've read, neither had many other people...

I have a Rolleiflex 3.5T. It has the metal strap holder that juts out from the side of the body with the little rod that goes through the middle of it. I simply used the metal split ring (think key ring) that came on the Domke Gripper. It was a puzzle I hadn't thought through properly until I had it in hand... I was thinking that there wouldn't be enough room inside the opening to get the ring around the rod in the middle... but you don't have to do it that way.

I simply ran the split ring (key ring) around the outside of the strap holder until one side was on, I then went the other direction on the other side of the strap holder and then the ring was inside the strap holder AND around the post in the middle. You could use any split ring (key ring) that is the right size and then attach it to any strap, no need for the scissor piece or any modification.