Using my Crown Graphic 4x5 and a polaroid 405 back, I wanted to play around with some Fuji Instant color film tonight, so I set up a scene on the kitchen table. I used my Pentax digital camera as a meter and decided on an exposure (8 sec @ f16) to set on my Crown. I took the shot and the polaroid print was pretty much exactly as I was hoping it would be. It was a very good print. So then I decided to meter the same scene with my Sekonic L-358 just to see if it agreed with the digital camera...It did not. It was telling me 4 sec @ f16, which is half the exposure time. Obviously the polaroid print would not have been as good. I bought the meter a while back but haven't used it much. But one other time I compared the readings with these two devices and they didn't agree then either. Maybe I can't trust the meter. Or maybe something isn't right about it. I took reflected light measurements.

Any thoughts on why there was so much difference?