It's been a while since I posted here, so the M4 is no longer alone with the Planar. In the past months, O got:

  • Jupiter 12 in a very decent shape
  • Hexanon M 90/2.8 (had it calibrated for the M4 and it works like a charm)
  • Nokton "Classic" 35/1.4 (one DOES need a 35 that opens enough
  • Super Wide Heliar 15/4.5 in M Mount. I LOVE wide angles, and this one is the best I own

I added a decent strap (Leica leather one), a few filters.

I also made a pouch for each lens except the 15mm (need to have this done!), and a filters wallet for the 43mm filters (Since the 90 can take a 43 with an adapter, and the Jupiter can use a 40.5 to 43 adapter, this makes sense to stay with one kit (that is, plus one for the Heliar as it needs 52mm ones)