Hello all,
The BPX Round 20 has started!! We're on a cycle, so the important dates to remember are:

BPX Round 20
Print and Send: June - August 2014
R&R: September 2014

BPX Round 21
Signup: September 2014 (ending 20th of September)
Print and Send: October and November, December 2014 (beware of the holidays!!)
R&R: January 2015

There was some discussion about moving to a 6 month cycle, but we're sticking to a 4 month period for now.

Here is the list with participants for BPX20:

Black Dog
Roger Cole

I have just sent out a PM to all members so if you didn't get one please let me know ASAP. Do not send your print until Friday, June 6th to allow for address corrections just in case, heaven forbid, I screwed something up or someone moved since they sent their address and forgot to tell me. Your PM will also contain your own address; please check it and notify me at once if it is incorrect or out of date.

Please keep us informed and post here when you've sent or received your print.
Optionally, once the print makes it to the destination, you can upload the image of the print to the Gallery: http://www.apug.org/gallery1/browseimages.php?c=512

The original BPX Introduction Thread is here: http://www.apug.org/forums/forum182/...ml#post1651482

I wish you all a lot of fun in this BPX with printing, sending & receiving

"Have fun and catch that light beam"
Bert from Holland

~~~~~~~~ copy of PM sent ~~~~~~~~~~
Here is your address and the address of your recipient.
If your address needs correcting, PM me ASAP!
Please wait until June 6th before sending.

Your address:

Your assignment:

Itís not obligated, but it would be nice to include a note or a letter explaining what, when, where & how then image/print was made. And maybe telling a bit about who and where you are?
Please donít forget to mention your name, so the recipient knows who the sender is.

Please try to print and mail the image before the deadline. Someone else is making an effort to send you a print as well.
If life interferes with your darkroom time, donít worry. It happens. Health, family and work are important too. Just let us know you will be running late. If for some reason you canít fulfill your obligation at all, just PM me as soon as possible.

Please post on the BPX20 thread when you actually dropped off the package at the post office and when you received a print from another member. Mounting and boarding the print is not obligated, but would be a nice bonus. Please pack the print carefully. If you ĒjustĒ stick it in an envelope, all corners will be bent on arrival. At least stick it between two layers of oversized cardboard for protection.

It would be nice if you could scan your print before sending it, and post the image (after the recipient confirmed receiving it) to the BPX20 thread (and the APUG Gallery). If you canít scan the image, you could make a photo of it with a digital camera, to give us an impression of your gift.

Thank you,
Bert from Holland (TheToadMen)