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I'm totally new to the photo shows or exhibits. I just joined a local photo club and haven been receiving some requests to enter photo exhibits.

Most would require some fees, from $30 to $50, to enter. Sometime you can send a JPG to enter, some you send in a frames print, etc. If you are selected, then you'll print and frame a final photo for competition and exhibit. You still may or may not get any prize.

This seems an expensive hobby. We photographers bear all the cost to prepare and enter the exhibit. Only the few lucky ones can get some prize. Most would get nothing. As for the entry fees, I do not know how the sponsor would use the fund. Do they pay the folks who judge your photo?

I'm just curious.
Many of these competitions, exhibitions and catalogue entry offers are scams, designed to take money from you. However, some are OK. In fact it would be a good idea if APUG listed the ones of reputable value.