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As I understand it, the flash synch is limited to whatever your camera can handle. If you're using an RB-67, your lens's fastest should be good, but use it with a focal plane curtain shutter, and you're likely to be limited to 1/30-1/250.

I've had great luck with the ones like I listed previously. Several folks make them, and they're cheap enough on Amazon. You can even get a set with 1 TX and 3 RX. They work with PC synch cables, so they're not brand specific.

I do, however, like the Cactus ones you listed as a possible upgrade for my digital work. I'm planning on getting the 568EX2, so they might be worth an extended look! Thanks for the link!
Correct. Low battery levels affect the sync speeds for wireless triggers so if it can sync up to 1/1000s when full, I would think that when battery levels are low, it will still be successful at syncing at 1/500s easily.

I've been having issues with my studio strobes (Fotodiox) where it is too fast or something because when I try to sync very fast (1/200s +) the result is underexposure. So I believe flashes/strobe duration do have a part in it.

I, too, think the V6 would be a great addition to my digital and 35mm shooting.