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Good! I hope that means there will be more! I've been busy the past couple weeks and haven't started yet, but am thinking of ideas.

This is the second time recently that you have submitted an image to MSA that my mind fills in detail... in the smaller version I see the general pattern of maria ( "the man in the moon" ) but then when I look at the large version I can't see it. Although this time I think it is really there in the tones. You had an image for "transport" with a flag hanging in a window at night, and I could not look at it and not see reddish color in the stripes. It was amazing. I even downloaded it and stuck a color picker into the stripe to see if there was any red.... there wasn't but still my eyes showed me what my brain expected to see... how strange.
Well thank you so much for the compliment!

I actually saw the same thing you saw, the man in the moon, and I did notice that when looking at it larger it seemed to blend in more, I also think this is partially an effect of gray tones and compression, kind of like, if you've ever scanned a piece of film, and when looking at it on the screen smaller, it looks clear, and then when you zoom in you can see white specs of dust, but for some reason they're completely invisible when viewed smaller, the computer or the eye must disregard some of the white "blank" space and admit more of the darker information, this is probably something that would aid in survival when identifying predators when we were still living in the wild perhaps?

Thanks again for the complement, I also see what you mean about the flag.