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Ole, what do you intend to use for a shutter?
How big is your Reisekamera's lens board? If its front standard will bear the load, you might make a tube out of PVC pipe. Stronger than a coffee can, easy to machine.

Good luck, go on having fun,
I just started thinking about building an extension with a Packard shutter in - since I happen to have one, I mean The lens board currently holds an Iris mount with 4" opening, total diameter about 6". That's why I bought that camera, it was cheaper than the mount alone! And it's a classic rear focus "Reisecamera" - the front is rigid, there in no front standard at all!

I haven't checked if a catfood tin will fit in the iris yet. Hmmmm - lots of fun when I get home!

On the other hand I might put the iris mount on the Russian 30x40cm camera that's on the way - lensboard even bigger, construction if possible stronger, and none of my 5x7" lenses will cover. My best candidates are a Steinheil Patent #6, and a slightly newer Lancaster & Son "Patent Rectilinear" 12x10". I was a bit disappointed that the Aerotar was a tele lens, that reduces the chances of covering 500mm considerably