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You know, I always mean to shoot something for the MSA, and often I do, but by the time I get around to developing it and either printing or scanning it, I'm often too late! But not this time. Here's a little something I did last weekend, with this theme in mind. I had some film in my Holga pinhole, had no idea what was in there, so thought I'd play around at one of my favourite temples in Kyoto (my avatar is from this location as well). I'm surprised it turned out as well as it did -- the film must of been in the camera for at least a year (maybe two or more) and I thought it was Tri-X but it turned out to be Acros. I was worried that I had underexposed it, but I guess not. This is a neg scan for now as I have yet to get into my new darkroom (hopefully soon!).

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Hi Rachelle,
It's a very nice image! I like it. Did you make a double exposure or move the camera while the shutter was open?
Bert from Holland