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Polaroid 110B with Fuji Instax wide film back
How about a very unusual Polaroid 110B conversion.

Fuji Instax Wide film is about $21.00 for two packs of 10 shots, it is a high speed film ASA 800 color, this film is roughly the same size print as the Fuji FP-100c film that fits pack film Polaroids.

Fuji Instax Wide film is exposed on the back side, this renders a print that is not reversed, it looks normal.

This Polaroid 110B on offer has The Fuji Instax Wide Film back on it with the 127mm f4.7 Rodenstock Ysarex lens and ASA 800 color film just think of the possibilities for low light hand held, mega distance with flash, mega depth of field, Broad Daylight? not a problem, included is a genuine Polaroid Neutral density filter that was used for their 3000 speed film.

An Instax Wide film back will not be available to fit regular 4x5 cameras at this time, will advertise it when ready to offer.

A 110B with Instax back and high speed 135mm f3.8 Press-Xenar is planned, need to see if the fast lens can be fitted.

The Fuji Instax Wide camera is equipped with a two element plastic f14 to f16? lens, imagine what you can do with ASA 800 color with an f4.7 lens? imagine a lot higher detail in the print because of the Rodenstock lens instead of a plastic lens.

The rangefinder is calibrated properly for this camera, viewfinder frame lines altered to suit the Instax Wide film format. Focus from 3 feet to infinity, optional 2 feet to infinity modification can be ordered for additional cost, yes, it will be fully rangefinder coupled.

There are no issues, easy to use, set exposure, focus, snap the picture, press the eject button and out comes the color Instax Wide print.

The Fuji Instax Wide film even though it is 800 ASA has an amazingly long tonal range with lots of exposure latitude, film is available everywhere inexpensively.

Will you folks send me $750.00 for one of these unusual cameras? or best offer?

I am not going to show the backside of this camera right now, nothing really to see, just looks like the back of an Instax 210 camera, need to finish the cosmetics.

Payment by means of Check or U.S. Postal Money Order preferred, direct bank deposit, Western Union, Bank Wire Transfer

Please respect the fact that I do not use PayPaI and no longer have a PayPal account.

Please, serious inquiries and posts, Let's stay on topic, this is a forum that is supposed to be useful and enjoyable.

Once someone has agreed to purchase the buyer will please email me a tracking number for payments arriving by mail, send mailed payments by Priority Mail with a tracking number otherwise I have to consider the item as unsold.

I am here to conduct good honest business and only want to do business with like minded buyers.

For those of you that are "Later" oriented please contact me Later when you have the time and funds for this project.