A recent thread has been closed and many posts deleted, not sure I can understand why

APUG allows the posting on nude image (male or female) in threads, the Galleries and Portfolios. There needs to be some tolerance and respect for peoples posts and images, also their opinions.

Yes there are some who disapprove of nudity in any form - that's their right, but here on APUG we have a freedom to express what we feel as individuals and that also needs respecting.

There needs to be a sense of reality as well, a poster in the closed thread claimed "The reality is that 99.99% of all nudes are shot by men who just want to see a woman naked, preferably a young one" That goes against my experience where women have been shooting male & female nude images for many decades. and serious photography is becoming a female domain with more female graduate photographer than male.

A point some might miss is actually women photographers have less taboos about shooting female or male nudes than men and the images are often far more explicit and erotic.