I think it's partially my fault, I was upset at a previous private interaction and took to heart that part of the thread could have to do specifically with my own work. (It was a timing thing) It was inappropriate and as other have reminded me I need to grow a thicker skin if I am to become a great artist, criticism is part of that game.

I've been working on being a better APUGer and I think for the most part I've been doing better and I think some might notice my efforts (I hope).

I'll continue to work on me.

As for "the nude" in ironic twist, often those who's work is criticized after a show or book only gain from they criticism as "free advertising" so it's not all bad to be criticized.

I've said this a few times today, we all create our own reality, anything too far outside of that, and we feel we must confront or avoid it, or it could mess with the very foundation of our sanity...