While I agree with what you're doing for aesthetic reasons, I've found that people complain about the cost of framing odd-sized mats bitterly, and it can cost you the sale. In the case of some of my odd-sized pieces (my panoramics from my xpan) I sell them pre-framed, and charge a very reasonable price for the framing, so people will buy them as I've framed it, so I know it will be tasteful . The panoramics are the one size I don't frame with large borders, because they quickly get into oversize frames and mats, which gets expensive and/or wasteful, especially when you're framing with 8ply mat board.

Thinking of which, I now exclusively use 8ply for my own matting because it looks so much better, cost be damned.

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Probably the main reason why I do not mat my 8x10 prints too 16x20 anymore, is because 16x20 is a standard frame size. When selling photography in a standard frame size, people tend to purchase cheep, premade frames. These frames are usually not good quality and there is not much a selection...so people end up putting a beautiful photograph is a cheep walmart frame!

By using 14x17 (or some other random size), it requires the buyer of my prints to have the print custom framed, therefore getting a better quality frame, but also getting a frame that would compliment the photograph and match their home. By doing this, they have more selection and can get a frame that not only looks well with the photograph, but also will look good in their house! Custom frames are usually sealed on the back also, which stops dust and bugs from getting inside.

I no longer use Standard frames sizes for my photography for this reason, but also because there are sizes that I think look better then just standard sizes. I get tired of seeing everyone frame their photography too 16x20, because it starts too look generic to me. Here are my normal sizes-
4x5, 5x7, 8x10- 14x17.
11x14- 18x22.
16x20- 25x29.

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