How are the members of this forum to judge whether your negatives lack (or not) punch from a digitized version? The S***r adjusts (stretch/shrink) automagically the values present on the film to fit into 0-255. I don't dare go into details for fear my post would be deteted because referring to the D thing.
I recently under-developed some film (wrong published times) to a contrast index of 0.45, barely printable on grade 4.5. But my S***d files look quite good. As mentioned by other responders, what counts is what you can print under the enlarger.

Something else. From accumulated measurements with known good light meters, I found (and I'm not alone in that respect) that "sunny 16" should really be "sunny 11" in most cases. And, if significant open shadows are present (not dominant) in the picture, that becomes "sunny 8".