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I have had this tremedous camera for years and love it, and the huge negatives that it gives.

I have a series of videos on youtube which are developing (pun intended ... sorry!) my complete B&W workflow including three on this great camera, an overview of the system, the movements and replacing the film back battery for the mk1 and mk2. The videos are here if you are interested




I would love to know what you think of these videos and of the camera of you do watch


Dave Smith
My only comments about the videoes would be that you should present your "presence" to appear not in your garage but frames in a working space of some kind, they would give more of a sense of authority if you yourself were presented more professionally. The info is good though.

They camera seems WAY bigger than my MamiyaRZ67 though, I thought it was a 4x5 when you extended the bellows! Wow. What a beast!

Enjoy shooting!