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I can think of one quite famous photographer, sometimes mentioned on this site as a great photographer, who I would suggest is in the area of paedophilia and as to the others you mention, where is line drawn?
You should start a new thread about that.

I have quite strong personal views about how Paedophiles have taken the innocence of happy family images of nude children to use for their own gratification, unfortunately the Internet disseminates it.

We live in a sick world fueled mainly from a non European new world culture which is riddled with gun crime, drugs, paedophiles etc.

It's a sad world where the images of my generation taken by our parents of us kids naked are deemed to be unacceptable, my sister and her now adult children think the same.

The controversial cases in recent years have mostly been female photographers shooting naked young children who happen to feature in their documentary work, Sally Mann for instance.

There's not a lot of common sense in this area.