I think you are mistaken.
Efke 25 is a wonderful film, fine grain, nice tonality, good sharpness.

IMHO Tmax does not have the same qualities. Delta100 and Across while wonderful films they are do not have the same tonal range than EFKE 25.... to each his/her own though

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A better choice for what? If its about making absurdly large enlargements using miniature (24x36mm and smaller) gauge films then there is nothing close to these microfilms. If its about fine grain and sharpeness then even TMAX-100 blasts the Efke-25 out of the water. The Efke-25 is NOT Agfapan-25. Agfapan-25 was dropped since (and I did like it and continue to use it in my MINOX) its obsolete. Microfilms perform better, T-grain films like TMax, Delta-100, Acros-100 are finer grained and offer many times the speed etc.