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I ran across an ad for this company in last months issue of black and white photography, and visited there site. WOW was beautiful cases they make, and fully customisable. Unfortunitly the price is VERY high, though I can imagine the quality to be through the roof. Anyone know of any other companys that do similar cases?
While I admire the craftsmanship of their cases, they scream "Steal Me!". They seem to be more like Urban Fashion cases than the things we bang around on location and in transit. I would prefer something that could go through airline check-in and out looking like a disparaging wreck that the handlers wouldn't dare try to open or walk away with. My friend the retired NG photographer has just that. Never had it messed with. It just looked too, ah, "experienced", as if it were saying to anyone "I've been messed with a million times and survived. Don't go there!"