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This will be my last post on APUG for a while, as I'm trying to work on said vision and try to work on making more interesting photographs.
Thomas, as you know I went through kind of the same thing a few months ago and for the most part, will stick with it. I just wanted to sign on and throw some positive vibes in the mix while we are stopped in California helping out our in laws with an emergency home repair.

I figure I can put up a dozen or so posts a year on here and not fee like I am distracting my self too much. But man, what a great thing getting off of here can do for real photography. I've been on the road for about a month now with my Blads and one Leica and have been totally on fire creatively speaking. It's funny you know....we all talk about not liking digital as much as film and yet with every post and every read of a forum post, we are *every* bit as "digital" as if we were using a DSLR. Only when I completely unplug from the internet and digital gear am I free to be the very best photographer I can be.

APUG is a great source for information and I still do searches for much needed info often. But the whole community part of it...not only do you not need it to be a photographer, I think you might be like me and be better off without it.

We get back on the road tomorrow, maybe I will come back on here in the Fall to throw some words into the mix....maybe not.

Kudos on being true to your self, believe me sir, it pays off beyond your wildest dreams...