Hi guys, I have a Wollenstak Rapax 135mm f/4.7 4x5 and also a 105mm ( I believe?) Schneider lens on my Franka Rolfix 6x9. Both are uncoated. I have not really seriously print using the MF film. But I recently had someone professionally printed an 8x10 on Ilford RC with a photo shot on the uncoated 4x5 and I notice that it is a little soft.. Is this caused by the uncoated lens? Would it help to reduce flare and increase sharpness if I hold a coated UV filter over the lens every time I shoot? Or would that not do anything? I also shoot 4x5 slides with the uncoated lens as well, but I usually scan those and can easily sharpen them so that's not a problem.. But with B&W I would like to print in the darkroom.

Thanks all.

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