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I think you are mistaken.
Efke 25 is a wonderful film, fine grain, nice tonality, good sharpness.
That's NOT the point nor the question (perhaps, at best, an answer to some other question): What is a replacement for Technical Pan?

If its for the extended red? Nope. Here I'd point people to something like Kodak HawkEye. Excellent high resolution film with extended red sensitivity.

If its for the resolution and sharpeness? That's where Copex comes in. Technical Pan is slightly smaller in grain but less sharp.

If its for tonality? We talking about Technical Pan are we not?

Technical Pan was a "technical" film for things like photo-micrography. It was based upon their "ancient" Solar Flare Patrol Film SO-392 and replaced also their high contrast copy materials. It was available in all kinds of formats INCLUDING glass plates!

Kodak is not completely out of that business as their EM films are still available. Kodak Electron Image Film SO-163 and Electron Microscopy Film 4489 still have some advantages over the silicon sensors which have widely replaced film.

Technical Pan was pretty much obsolete stuff. The photomicrography people have moved on and found better, the astrophotography people have moved over to a whole new generation of red sensitive digital capture chips and .... AND sales were sluggish.. about the only time it sold well in the past 10 years was upon the announcement of its EOL (End of Life)..