I'm selling two enlargers for a friend:

a) Agfa Varioscop 60, autofocus (up to 6x9cm) with two lenses:
- Color Magnolar 105/4.5
- Color Magnolar 60/4.5
- Novex R mechanical timer

$200 or best offer.

b) Omega D5500 4x5", with closed-loop colour controls bypassed. It's now just a diffusion head and has been used with Multigrade filters; there doesn't seem to be a controller with it but he'll have another look for it.
- with Beseler Color Pro 135/5.6

$700 or best offer.

c) 16x20" 2-blade Fujimoto Lucky easel, $offers
d) 11x14" 4-blade Saunders easel, $offers