I've recently begun processing my own C-41 film -- the first roll is hanging to dry right now. (It looks OK at this stage, but of course I'll know more once I've scanned it -- I'll start on color printing once I'm comfortable with the color film developing.) I used the Dignan NCF-41 developer that was referred to in an earlier thread. I do have a few questions at this point, though:

  • Does anybody have a source (or recipe) for a C-41 stabilizer that does not contain formaldehyde? I'm just trying to minimize the toxicity of my chemistry whenever possible. I've seen references to such things, but have been unable to track them down. I'm in the US, so a US mail-order outfit would be good.
  • I'm using a blix recipe that I found online. The instructions with that blix say to blix for 6:30 at 100F, but because NCF-41 is a 75F developer, I'd prefer to blix at that temperature, or close to it. Dignan's original article says this is possible with extended blix time, but he doesn't say how much to extend it. (I realize Dignan says you can't over-blix, but I just don't want to waste time blixing for, say, half an hour if ten minutes would suffice.) Any tips?
  • I've seen some references to re-using blix, but I'm a little foggy on the details. Should I extend blix time with each re-use? What's the limit to re-using blix -- how many rolls per 250ml of blix?

Thanks for any pointers on these issues!