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Edward C. Zimmermann

Would you please reply to the points in Titrisol's post, instead of going off at a tangent.
Titrisol's comments were a tangent. The question is about Technical Pan and there is little about Efke25 that can be considered a replacement for any of the kinds of applications that demanded it.

You state that EFKE 25 is less sharp and is grainier than Tmax100. I use both films and it's not the case.
I think, if I recall correctly, Efke 25 gets just uder 120 lp/mm (1:1000) resolution. Kodak's TMax-100 is higher at 190 lp/mm or so. Its RMS is 8. Fuji Neopan 100 Acros is even finer grained with RMS of 7 (about the same as Agfa APX-25)! Technical Pan was 5 and Copex-Rapid-AHU is 6. Agfa Copex at 1:1000 can deliver 600 lp/mm.

We are talking, I guess, about pictorial applications and there TMax-100 can deliver around 60-70 lp/mm compared to around 100 for Agfa Copex and Technical Pan. Agfa APX-25 delivered around 80 lp/mm. Efke 25 is roughly en-par with TMax but at less than 1/4 its E.I and with a high contrast that is much harder to tame. Handled well one can get good results from Efke-25 but the effort is nearly as much as with high resolution microfilms for a fraction of the returns........