A couple of years ago I had purchased a Think Tank Retrospective 10 in order to house a Mamiya 7II with a 80mm lens attached, a Zeiss Ikon ZM with a Voigt 28mm attached or a Mamiya 50mm lens instead, along with a light-meter and a flashgun. Even though the bag is extremely well-made, it is designed more on the contemporary needs of the digital era. I mean that they have distributed the volume vertically in order to give space to the modern dslrs with the bulk/long lenses attached or not attached. Thus, I cannot take advantage of the space above my cameras, as I don't want to cover them with other objects.

After all, I am thinking of replacing this bag with another well-made (canvas preferably) one which will be a bit longer (the volume is spread/distributed along) and less deep. I want to have my cameras with the lenses attached and fast access is necessary. Those Domke bags have this cube where you have to separate your equipment. Think Tank bags are all the same height or even taller. Perhaps, the Billingham 1.4 is a good option for my 2 cameras.

Any suggestions or your bag with the same type of cameras and extras in?