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giannisg2004 is right, but this isn't just a film photography dilemma. Balancing ambient light and flash is tricky with film and digital. Newer TTL flash systems make it easier to achieve a balance but you really need to understand the underlying principles at work. A good resource althought very digitally biased is strobist.com, everything there can be applied to film photography. You can use a dslr along side your EM to speed up the learning curve, also as previously mentioned a flash meter is a valuable tool for this. I use a Sekonic L-558 if I have no DSLR with me. One last thing, a higher sync speed is going to help immensely... if you are doing this type of photography a lot or if your are not completely attached to the EM.. consider a FE2 or similar (with a 1/250 sync speed).
After using film for a month, I feel the same about how a digital camera would speed up my learning curve, except that I don't have one anymore - and I'm afraid it would take the joy away from shooting film in many ways.
I'm thinking of buying a light meter, however I don't know the difference between the one you mentioned (less than $10 on keh.com) and the ones that cost $100+. I need to do some reasearch on that.
The FE2 is sitting in my wishlist, I drool over the FM3a and I feel that the FE2 is a cheaper alternative.