I am usually a traditional b&w print photographer and I can print up and frame up to 20x20.

I had a request from a client to buy one of my 6x6 prints enlarged to 60x54. It ruled out a darkroom print. I found a couple of options for either wet or dry scanning that would work for this size.

Now I'm trying to come up with proposals for printing and mounting that big and mounting seems to be an issue. They want an unframed print and they saw smaller prints on masonite and that's what they asked for. No one seems to mount anything that large on masonite. But I looked at some other solutions at print shops in NYC and at that size it looks like other backing boards like sintra and dibond or whatever usually require face-mounting to a plexi and a brace on the back.

So far the quotes I'm getting are in the $2000 range, including the c-printing costs (non-glare plexi face-mount, aluminum or sintra+aluminum backing, aluminum or wood brace) which makes sense from my point of view but I'm not sure about my client.

Is there a way and a place in NYC/Brooklyn to mount this cheaper but still maintain some quality?

Thank you.