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The bottle of Kodak stabilizer I've got clearly states that it contains formaldehyde. Perhaps it's not present in some other Kodak stabilizer, though. Mine's marked "Stabilizer III & Replenisher."

Another question: I'm now scanning my negatives, and they seem awfully grainy. I used Agfa ISO 200 film (actually Walgreens' rebadged Agfa, which I've used before). I've run across one reference that blix, as opposed to separate bleach and fix, can leave behind residual silver, which increases grain, so I'm guessing that's the problem, but if somebody's got another idea for improving this (say, increasing the blix time or using a developer other than NCF-41), I'd like to hear it. If switching to separate bleach and fix will help reduce grain, then I'll do so. Thanks.

You are correct I was reading the PR and not the bottle (I also use Stab III). Sorry I should have checked before posting.