Ha Ha. Yes I am taking all of this in the light it was intended. And Ed you are STILL wrong. Ha. You can dive with 100% helium but it is darn expensive. At greater depths you have to replace all of the O2 or as much as you can afford (lots of calculations going on here) as O2 is toxic. If you were to dive with 100% O2 you would go into convulsions at anywhere from 18 to 27 feet. It's all about partial pressures and all kinds of other voodoo.

And you thought mixing pyro was complicated.

But hey if anyone in California wants to adopt me that would be great. But none of this get me drunk and leave me in the Bay area stuff ok. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

It's so darn smoky up here right now from all the forest fires my lungs are in training for LA air.