Aggie, that was my first thought too but I dumped and started over with the blix and still it is happening.

Ed, no, I do not typically store paper in especially chill places, BUT in this case I did set the box in the coolest room overnight and then went in straight to developing in a room about 20-25 warmer then they sat in a stack face down as I processed them through. I process in special trays which work somewhat like rotary tubes, however I participate in that they are not closed off. I checked to see if agitation could be it, but does not seem to be. Some highly agitated still get these puddly looking spots. This agitation was checked both in developer and blix, but not stop bath. So maybe your comment about stop bath is correct. What if in my hurry to rush to blix, I didn't adequately stop it. . . .Hmmm, I'll test that here after lunch. This is Agfa SignumII and Agfa color processing.

Now it may be worth noting that on a roll of 60+ images/prints there is no consistency to the problem. 5 or 6 come off with out problem, then 3 or 4 have spots, then 15 don't, then another batch of 3-4 do......I'm going nuts.
I've also checked to see if anything is wrong with the film or if it matches up somehow with the position of the image within the flight path (this is aerial film). So far nothing.

My son was helping me that day and I quizzed him. The only thing he can think of that he might have done differently was that he placed a hand on the back of the paper while it was printing. This is not necessary as the copy board has a vacuum back, but he was just doing it to be prepared to remove it quickly and on to the next shot. Could the pressure of his hand pushing a bit too hard in places, in a very warm room, have caused a minor sort of a newton ring during printing on satin finish paper. Maybe not enough to cause the actual rainbow but enough the cause a puddle looking thing. They do sort of look like newton rings without the newton, very circular edges wherein it looks like it could be a series of overlapped circles and oblongs.?????

Thank you for the responses.