After some years using a TLR, after seen a documentary about a portuguese photographer that used a mamiya 6(or 7) and wanting to experimenting something more in MF, plus a GAS situation, I decided to get a mamiya 6 as my MF camera, possible becoming the only one in that format. Sell some gear to get cash, saved part of the income, etc.
But were to get one with one or possible 2 lens, besides ebay? And on that good/evil site, the options are more or less like that: many offer from japan, at fair/good prices, but they have or some dust in the lens, or small haze, etc.
The ones more near me, in the EU, are far more expensive, but normally are in better shape quality. The material aper with out the small patches of dust, hazes, bla bla bla.
Should I go for the "better" offer from japan or usa and after having the camera spend some money in a CLA if necessary and possibly the all price will reach the more expensive sales. Or spend more in the first place and have some good shape camera and lens?