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If you are not doing so all ready, throw your dark cloth over your bellows before you release the shutter so even if you have pin holes hopefully you won't get fogging. I was told to get in the habit of doing this even if using a new bellows.
I do this 100% of the time and it started after reading about a problem with Fred Picker's first run of Zone VI field cameras, Seems they had nice new fancy bellows, but folks were complaining that they thought the cameras had a light leak somewhere since there was a fogging/low contrast problem. This wouldn't happen all the time, but in really bright conditions it did. Come to find out the material the bellows was made out of was not 100% light proof. Some folks complained and others called them nuts. Come to find out those calling them nuts were the ones flipping their dark clothes over their cameras before yanking the dark slide. Just a good habit to get into and you got to put the darn thing someplace anyway. JW