Look at that! There are all sorts of folks I know here. Thanks again for the great welcome...and all these compliments. Normally I keep a $50 bill or two handy for nice words like those, but...well, did I tell you I had to pay for a wedding this summer? Probably enough said, eh? No, it wasn't mine. Mine was a..er, um a few years ago when they were cheaper and a "reception" meant cake and punch in the basement of the church. You know back around the Bi-Centennial celebration? The Swine Flu Vaccination Fiasc...er Program? The AMC Gremlin? ASA 1000 film? Tom Snyder and the TOMorrow Show? Uri Geller? Joey Heatherton actually being married to Lance "pull up your pants" Rentzel? Things were different back then. Well, anyway...weddings were cheaper, and the Cowboys would not hesitate to fire players who exposed themselves. And that reminds me...the last apartment I lived in before I got married was right next door to one of the Cowboy cheerleaders. No, she never exposed herself...doggone it.