I went from Ilford FP4 to Efke PL100 and prefer the Efke because of its apparent forgiving nature, especially when dealing with extreme lighting situation. It also works very very with PMK, taking on a stain, but not an overwhelming amount of general stain, more inage stain. And when I used it for the first time with ABC pyro, there was no looking back. There is an accutance to the Efke that is found in (IMO) very few films these days, and I can rate ASA 100 film at 80 with excellent results.

It's also considerably cheaper than FP4. I've never tried Bergger film. I've read many fine reviews and raves concerning the Bergger products, but bottom line, they are IMO, over priced. Now if I were not such a cheap bas***d, I'd break down and buy a box to experiment with, but hey, there is one thing I've learned, it doesn't have to be expensive to be good.

Bergger 200 / Euro 65.00 25 sheets 8X10
Efke PL100 / Euro 75.00 50 sheets 8X10

If the good folks at Bergger want to send me a box or 2 in order to change my mind, well that's a different story.