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Ed, no, I do not typically store paper in especially chill places, ...
... Could the pressure of his hand pushing a bit too hard in places, in a very warm room, have caused a minor sort of a newton ring during printing on satin finish paper. Maybe not enough to cause the actual rainbow but enough the cause a puddle looking thing. They do sort of look like newton rings without the newton, very circular edges wherein it looks like it could be a series of overlapped circles and oblongs.?????
I don't thnk pressure itself would cause that effect. "Newton's Rings" are caused by light intereference from its passage through a very small and uneven space. It could be very noticeable when magnified from a negative, but I don't ever remeberr seeing it from, say, a piece of glas laid on top of a piece of printing paper.

More and more I would suspect Color Developer holdover. The *only* place I use shortstop now is in RA-4 processing. I seem to remember random staining, without using shortstop, that closely resembled your description. Adding a stop bath fixed the problem.

I would suggest cold storage of color paper. I place a few sheets - estimating the number I'll use immediately, and the rest goes back into the freezer. I think color paper is more sensitive to aging than film.

Uh ... where are you located?