I need to reduce the load on my book shelf - and to make some room for new books ;-)

So, these nice titles are looking for a new home. Shipping from Holland, Europe. Payment with Paypal or (within Europe) bank transfer with IBAN/BIC.
I tried to describe all books/magazines as good as possible. If anything is not as you thought, you can return the books and only pay the return shipping costs (is that fair?). A 5% donation to APUG on every sale (ex shippings costs). Prices in Euro (1 Euro = 1.20 USD). I'll give a 10% discount if you take 4 items or more. I'm also open to offers. I'll ship worldwide.

Please PM me for details, photos, shipping costs estimate, etc. I'll post more books/magazines later.

title name/issue info condition price €
Rolleigrafie (magazine) #1 - 19, 29 - 31 period; april 1963 - december 1967 set of 22 issues, German language like new, some scuffing on back 110
instants magazine, jan. 1976 Jan. 1976 french language, 56 pages like new, very minor wear 5
Hasselblad (magazine) #3 (1966) specal about Hass. Cameras used in space (10 flights) very good, complete, no tears, some residu of tape 15
Solus - Content 2001 Solus Images 208 pages, color photos very nice, minimal wear 5
Not Fade Away - Jim Marshall The Rock & Roll photography of Jim Marshall ISBN 0-8212-2656-8, 130 pages, B&W photos from 1960 - present like new 9
Joy - Erwin Olaf ISBN 90-72216-43-1 Focus - Amsterdam - first edition Dec. 1993 hardback, 1993, first print, B&W photos, nudity, 144 pages new condition 95
Haïti - Bruce Gilden 1996 - first print - hardback with dust jacket ISBN 90-72216-81-4 http://www.brucegilden.com/portfolio/haiti/ B&W photography new condition 20
The history of Photograhy - as seen through the Spira collection Aperture - ISBN 0-89361-953-0 hardback with dust jacket, first edition 232 pages, beautiful photography (large, heavy book) new condition 18
De Hoge School Der Fotografie - A. Feiniger hardback, dust jacket, 4th edition 1968, 379 pages Dutch language, with many B&W photos book like new, dust jacketsome water damage 5
Marlo Broekmans (The Light-Women, La Femme Lumiere) hardback cloth bound, 1989, ISBN 90-12-06307-8, Focus Amsterdam 76 pages, B&W photos, female models, nudity, http://www.marlobroekmans.com new, still in foil paper wrapped 20
Erwin Olaf - Mind of their own hardcover with copper screws Amsterdam, Focus Publ., 1995. Original pictorial boards hold together with copper screws. 41 pp. 18 colour touching plates. Dutch/Eng text new condition 25

Rolleigrafie-01-19.jpg rolleigrafie-01-inside.jpg Rolleigrafie-04.jpg not-fade-away-marshall.jpeg Erwin-Olaf-Joy-cover-01.JPGErwin-Olaf-Joy-image-01.JPG Erwin-Olaf-Joy-image-02.JPG history-photography.jpeg Marlo-Broekmans-Self-01.jpg mind-of-their-own-Olaf-cover.jpeg mind-of-their-own-Olaf-01.jpeg mind-of-their-own-Olaf-03.jpeg