Sorry for the delay in replying to your question. It cost a total of $250 and three runs to get the specs tweeked so that my stainless steel bayonets would fit correctly on my 9x12 Bergheils. There is not much room for error. I still do some minor grinding after the laser cutting to get a perfect fit as I have found that there is a little variation among Bergheil cameras. If enough people are interested I can make some more runs. It is especially important to have the proper lock nut for the shutter so that it is smaller than the front hole in the camera. This is easy for the size 0 compurs or copal shutters but sometimes a little grinding is necessary on the outside of the lock nut for the size 1 or 2 Compurs. Voigtlander even made its own custom shutter lock nut for the #2 Compur so that it would fit through the hole. Those of you that own the older Heliars mounted in dial set #2 Compurs will know what I mean. I figure these bayonets could be offered at $35 each for the size 0, 1 and 2 shutters. For the 00 size I just use the Copal 0 to Copal 00 adapter sold at Steve Grimes. They go for about $35. I use this system for mounting tiny 65mm F6.8 Schneider Angulon onto my Bergheil. It works great with a little upward shift so that the carriage isn't in the frame. Having multiple lenses with the Bergheil really sets it apart from the other folders.

John Flinn