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OP...Overthinker...Just press the button.

If you can't shoot anything worthwhile then of course do the second best thing...write about it like Sontag did.

While 'clicking' may not be perfect, it is the best we got unless you wish to shoot video.
worthwhile is a relative term because what i think is worthwhile you may obviously think is utter nonsense.
i have read some of photographers/on photography, 30 years ago. no over thinking, just thinking ...

i took a 16x20 print off the wall this morning and it wasn't a photograph, but something else.
sure, it was a cove-scape, based in reality, paper negative f32 / whatever, but it wasn't ...
and shooting video is the same thing as using a camera, non-reality but long sequences of non-reality.

when i apprenticed a portrait photographer she told me of all sorts of "tricks" to make flattering photographs of people. she
told me how to tilt the camera, and film plane, to make a long nose short or a short nose long, she told me the difference between
someone's good side and their bad side, and how to remove blemishes, lines, wrinkles, smooth skin, rid crows feet, laugh lines necklets ..
people paid us to lie ...

and now i am wondering what dennis purdy meant last week when he said and "honest portrait'

thanks for the posts so far ...