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Thank you, Ed. It'll be quite difficult to fraction and store before usage, methinks. Will see.

As for volume/packaging, who knows? As a matter of fact, in my experience I can't recall ever purchasing two P30 or P30P kits which looked the same, had the same content and made the same quantity. Each time I went to the store, something had changed. Say: funny the developer comes in three compounds now. It was only two last time. Really, who knows.
Small containers - of which I have too many - should take care of the fractioning concern. Have you kept any of the old 250 ml containers from the P30 kits? Thanks to Darkroom Studios, I was able to get a couple of P30 kits a few weeks ago. I will try using the smaller containers for fractioning once I start on the new P3.5 chemistry. Assuming same results, I am pleased to have the powder eliminated.
The only changes in P30 I have observed since the early '90s have been the color of the caps. The content mix/quantity hasn't changed in the kits imported to the USA.