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I just never saw the beauty in MM. She was overweight (imo) with a rack that would have been sagging over her belt, had she lived.
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My wife says Marilyn was a much larger lady than is fashionable these days and that different decades have their own ideal female figures, for example in the 1920's it was fashionable to be flat chested and some women used to bandage their breasts flat.
At 5'5" and a "steady" weight of about 118 pounds (to be fair, Marilyn drove wardrobe departments crazy, and often they maintained several complete sets of clothes for her), Marilyn was far from overweight and would be perfectly at home in men's magazines today. Going off the Wikipedia entries for this year, she'd be right at home among any of them (Miss April, Shanice Jordyn, is an inch shorter and about the same weight), though she'd be noticeably curvy. You can take these next numbers with a grain of salt, of course, but she probably wouldn't be perceptibly heavier than Angelina Jolie (5'8"/~120), Halle Berry (5'5.5"/~120) or even Kate Moss (5'7"/~120).

The perception of Marilyn as a "bigger than modern" woman is mostly a hijack and a misunderstanding of the way clothes sizing has changed over the decades. People like to say she was a size 14 or 16, but in modern terms she'd be much closer to a 6 or 8. A size 16 off the department-store rack today would fit her like a tent.