Aw, Dan, you know it is a real camera. (He's needling me, folks.) However, that big lens finally did become too much for the weak Sinar board's holding tabs. Still noodling out that problem, but not doing much because I've designed a new body.

The black piece holding the lens is something I made of wood for this particular lens, Dan, because I needed the support farther back than the platform went. The block has a 1/4" tripod fitting on the bottom. Underneath that is the platform with a horizontal slot and 1/4" tripod mount and knob, and you can see that it adjusts up and down.

For other applications a person can use a wooden "V" block, with leather strap if extra security is important. A couple different V angles would suffice for several lens diameters.

Nothing yet to center a shutter, but the wheels are turning.

(for the lens as it was see