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So far my client is fine with the quotes she's getting. She understands that the size creates all kinds of issues here.

What I didn't realize is that her main reason to suggest a bare print on masonite was that they want it really flush with the wall because of the interior decoration reasons. They want as few layers of material as possible.

So I guess now the question is - how do you mount a print as flush to the wall as possible while preventing warping in the future? Other than gluing it to the wall...

Usually there's a brace behind large prints to make them more rigid and to offset them from the wall but here they want the opposite.

I would appreciate any suggestions.

Thank you,

I'm not a framer at all, but, can't you add some kind of non-standard material like give it a stainless steel border? That's thin and will hold the edges flat, and keep it tight? I'm trying to think outside of the box here, but as I said I'm not a framer. The stainless could then be coated with any other materiel to hide the stainless look, like wallpaper material or something? In fact if the room had wallpaper you could match that. That's the thinnest strong thing I could think of, and I know stainless steel counter makers could probably custom make a frame that big. That's the only reason I mentioned it.