Hi all,

I need some suggestions.

I am trying to get a decent cyanotype on wood, pine specifically. My first attempt was on wood with no size which just stained the wood a bit blue but didn't capture any image. I then sized with gelatine and 5%Chrome Alum hardener and got an image which stayed on the wood but was quite faint. I then tried coating the wood with shellac, curing and then coating with the cyanotype emulsion and exposed. Strong image appeared but washed off completely when I tried to develop in water. I also tried another layer of Gelatine with 10% hardener and this also just washed away.

Not sure what to try next. Someone suggested epoxy or polyurethane prior to cyanotype emulsion. Has anyone tried either of these and have they had any success? Another option, might be to mix the emulsion into the gelatine mix.

Any other suggestions, especially if tried and successful, would be really appreciated.