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The double shutter blade is to ensure a light tight shutter. A few shutter makers use the system so it is not uncommon.
Slow high end speeds are a result of running the shutter too long between CLA's. A low use or cla done when the shutter was between .3 and .5 stop off usually return to .5 stop off at 200 and 400.
Shutters run until they were 1 stop off to quit working only come back to in tolerance up to 100 with faster speeds 1 to 2 stops off.
Thanks shutterfinger - I was hoping you would chime in!
Very interesting about the double blades - I had never seen that before but I guess the previous shutters I have worked on simply didn't have this feature.
If I am hearing you right regarding neglected shutters (infrequently serviced or unused for a long period of time), it is rather disappointing to know that even with an expert CLA the top speeds might not be recoverable to any closer than a stop or two. It seems to me that many if not most vintage folders that one might buy fall into this category. I take it that this is more than just a case of worn springs which could theoretically be replaced? Is it more an issue of wear to contact surfaces such as pins and cams and that sort of thing?